Welcome to our Family Life Mission Site

In this site you will find resources relating to family conflict resolution, tips on having a happier family and many other observations relating to family life. No matter where you live, if you have a small or large family, if you are religious or not, there will be ups and downs in your family life just like work, marriage or any other situation where people and their feelings are involved.

Our goal is to be a source of inspiration, provide hope and help you be more resilient as you go through your ups and downs in your family life.

While we are not clinicians or hold any medical title, we are grateful for our contributors who openly share their stories, experiences and knowledge to those of us that may be going through a rough patch in our family life through a Florida online divorce.

Family is forever, regardless of your family makeup: combined family, divorced family, same sex family, forever crisis family, calm family, joyful family, disfunctional family; we are all in this together.

Wise words from a great philosopher:


There are no ‘perfect’ families. Everyone’s idea of what makes a family is different. Some families are small, others are large; some are brought together through divorce and remarriage. Some families have parents of the same sex, some may have one parent, and some families may include grandparents, aunts or uncles or friends.

Some families seem to get along well, while others have more problems or stress. There are many things that can put a strain on a family, but when families work well and stick together they can survive these problems and even become stronger.

Talk things out. Although your family members may know you very well, they can’t always read your mind. Tell them how you want to be treated, what upsets you and what makes you happy. Respect each other’s privacy. If you feel that your privacy has been violated, try to stay calm, and remind the other person of how important his or her own privacy is. Let them know that you don’t have anything to hide, but that everyone needs some space and time to themselves each day.

The Bible promises in James 4:8, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you.”