All That Is Family And All That is Loved In Life

familyFamily technically still only means the nearest of blood ties, but we all have our own families that include people we love, irrespective of the blood ties. There are broken families too, which have no love despite all the blood relations. After all, anything to do with the complicated emotions of the human psyche cannot be simply defined.

What is Family?

Family-Facebook-Status-25302-statusmind.comFamily, as ideally put, is not limited to the realms of the closest of blood related connections. Family is not limited to parents and children. Family can be the friend who is there to understand you when your parents fail to. Family can be that friend who is there to share your worries which you must hide from your little children.

Family Ties Inside Family

family-dayPeople often complain that they don’t feel like their family is their family, or that they feel left out from their families. The issue could be of an imbalance in family ties. To make our loved ones feel like family, we need to know where to bond, and where to let go.

A child would not feel like family if all that the parents are doing is providing the basic necessities for a livelihood, like food, and schooling, and controlling every aspect of their life in turn. Family ties need to be established by who the person is, by going beyond your pre-defined379506-happy-family relationship with the person. As parents, you need to get to know your children, what they like, what bothers them, what they are thinking of when they are daydreaming, what their dreams are, what random thoughts they get. And not just how much they scored in yesterday’s math paper and what they ate outside.

As children too, you need to reach out to your parents. You need to go initiate a conversation with them every once in a while, conversation which is beyond the realms of dinner, and pocket money. You can try to get close to your parents, to make new ties, or mend broken ties, by taking the initiative to talk to the people they are.Blood'sThickerDesktop

Blood Being Thicker than Water

The old saying has been shortened to mean something like ‘blood ties are most important’. However, by now we know where they saying comes from. The full saying goes:

            “Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

It means that the people we connect with while facing the same hardships, in this case, bloodshed at battle, bonds up stronger than parental or pre-defined family connections. Hence, there is no shame in loving your friends as much as your parents, or sometimes, even a little more. After all, these friends are the family you chose as the person you are.


All you need to remember is, everybody you love, is important, and so are you. Reach out to them, talk to your parents, to your children, and grandparents, and hang out with your friends. Spend quality time with all those people who nobody else can ever replace. You want to work on the balance everyday, it is a well known fact that unbalanced families end up getting divorced. You do not want to find yourself searching in Google “How to get a cheap divorce in Tampa“.