Children and Homework

Children and Homework


Children and homework often do not mix very well. Do not be surprised if your child detests even the slightest school homework. Do not immediately rush to the conclusion that something is wrong with your child. Most children just do not like homework and would rather spend sometimes playing with friends or watching TV.  However, as a parent, you need to take an active interest in your child homework.

If your child has no interest in her studies, you need to find a way to help your child develop an interest in his homework. Sometimes, your child may not want to disclose to you that he has homework to do. This is just a bit of boy laziness to get out of doing the homework. It is just like the ostrich who sticks its head in the sand to avoid danger.

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However, the best way to deal with your child lack of interest in homework is to sit down together and discuss the matter. Let your child knows that he needed to make some changes so that he could get his homework done quickly. You may motivate him with a promise to allow him to enjoy his favorite hobbies like playing a game or watching TV. Sometimes, you may just need a little bit of bribery to encourage your child to do his homework.

As a parent, you have the responsibility to help your kids learn to do things for themselves. You are not to assume the position of   If they are having problems, you need to go back and meet them where they are at and help them to move forward. It’s all about preparing them for the adult world.

It is the duty of the parents to teach their children how to get themselves organized and to do their homework. Every day, your child should be able to have his assignments done without prodding. And this can only happen if you train your child the importance of doing his homework quickly.

In time, the child will start to take his homework seriously and will attach importance to every homework he receives. Granted, he might not do it perfect every week but he is learning, and the rewards are the fun stuff he gets to do each day when he has completed his assignment.

As a parent, do not expect a miracle. It takes time for children to realize the importance homework and other school training he received, but the reward later will make him be appreciative of your effort.

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