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familylifemission is working in the field of family life since long ago. Most of our clients are from US and all of them are well satisfied with our work.…

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familylifemission is working in the field of family life since long ago. Most of our clients are from US and all of them are well satisfied with our work.…

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familylifemission is working in the field of family life since long ago. Most of our clients are from US and all of them are well satisfied with our work.…

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Choosing the Perfect Assisted Living Facility

How to choose the perfect assisted living facility in Myrtle Beach, NC.

Hardest Decision Ever

There is no doubt that this is the hardest decision you will ever make as a family. This is the time when roles switch from caregiver to being the recipient of care. When all the sacrifices your parents made to raise you are paid back. Finding the right place is an extremely important act of love which will save heartache in the end.

Where will mom or dad spend their rest of the days?

Find a place where they feel accepted, not tolerated. So many people are in the elderly care profession for the money and not because their heart is on the labor. Find a place where most people love what they do and care for their residents like their own family.

How do we select the best place for her personality?

We are all different. This statement is even more true for elderly people who are pretty much set on their ways. If your parent loves to read, find a place where reading is encouraged. If your mom loves to cook, find a place where cooking is allowed. If your parent loves to shop, having shopping trips may be perfect for her.

What should we look for when choosing an assisted living facility.

The people is the most important factor when you are evaluating a place for your parent. Of course a nice facility would be a bonus and field trips plus good location however the people are the soul of the home. Take a tour, take 2 tours, go back yet once more; until you are sure this the right place for your parent.

Also, look up the history of the facility, make sure they have all their business licenses up to par and that the owner of the facility is involved in the daily running of the home.

Photo by Alex Boyd on Unsplash

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Keeping a Family Together after a Divorce

How to keep a family together after a Divorce

The biggest misconception about divorce is that there is no longer a family. The parents in the family may not be together anymore but they will never be out of each other’s lives. What happens after a divorce is crucial for the development of the children involved.

There are things that both parents need to decide on, schools and extracurricular activities need to be chosen, homework needs to be monitored and transferred between houses.


Peaceful co-parenting is the best thing a couple can do for their children. Through your parenting partnership your kids should see that they are the most important things to you, that your love for them is bigger than anything else going on between you and your spouse.

Kids whose parents have amicable relationships feel secure, benefit from consistency, have a better understanding of problem solving, and are mentally and emotionally healthier.


Tip 1. Leave everything in the past


Successful co-parenting means that your own emotions—any anger, resentment, or hurt—must take a back seat to the needs of your children. obviously, setting aside such strong feelings may be the hardest part of learning to work cooperatively with your ex, but it’s also perhaps the most important.

Co-parenting is not about your feelings, or those of your ex-spouse, but rather about your child’s happiness, stability, and future well-being.


Tip.2 Improve communication with your ex


Peaceful, consistent, and purposeful communication with your ex is essential to the success of co-parenting—even though it may seem absolutely impossible. It all begins with your mindset.

Think about communication with your ex as having the highest purpose: your child’s well-being. Before contact with your ex, ask yourself how your talk will affect your child, and resolve to conduct yourself with dignity. Make your child the focal point of every discussion you have with your ex-partner.

Remember that it isn’t always necessary to meet your ex in person—speaking over the phone or exchanging texts or emails is fine for the majority of conversations. The goal is to establish conflict-free communication, so see which type of contact works best for you.


Tip.3 Co-parent as a team

It’s healthy for children to be exposed to different perspectives and to learn to be flexible, but they also need to know they’re living under the same basic set of expectations at each home. Aiming for consistency between your home and your ex’s avoids confusion for your children.  

Rules don’t have to be exactly the same between two households, but if you and your ex-spouse establish generally consistent guidelines, your kids won’t have to bounce back and forth between two radically different disciplinary environments. Important lifestyle rules like homework issues, curfews, and off-limit activities should be followed in both households.


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Deportation and Families

The Deportation of a parent and it’s long term effects on their family

How does a family hold itself together after a parent has been ripped away from their lives,  Possibly forever? That is a question that no family should have to ever be faced with.

Unfortunately between 2009 and 2013, nearly 4 million non citizens were deported, perhaps half a million of them parents of a U.S.-citizen child. Right now we face the real fear of those numbers going up.

President Donald J. Trump who not even 24hrs after appointment issued an executive order on immigration affecting millions of families.

The newly elected President issued an executive order temporarily banning travel from seven muslim-majority countries. The move, which has raised a series of legal questions, sparked protests around the country as people who had previously been approved to come to the United States were being detained at airports and companies such as Inmigracion Xpress are booked with people trying to get their status resolved.

This executive order does not include any countries from which radicalized muslims have actually killed americans in the US since Sep.11.2001.

Hostility Towards Immigrants in the US

With this new travel ban and the seemingly increasing hostility towards immigrants in this country. A colossal amount of non-residents are fearing for the future and the futures of their families. We could see the numbers of deported illegal immigrants skyrocket.

How will this affect their families?

How will this affect their children’s futures?

A child’s upbringing is their future. We’ve heard the story so many times, the child of a one parent home has the harder time in school. Leading to dropping out and teenage pregnancy.

When someone immigrates to the US they are putting everything they are into a brighter futures for them and their family.

Higher numbers of deportation will only lead to higher numbers of dropouts, teenage pregnancy, and illegal drug use.

Have you ever wondered what happened to the children of deported parents?

They usually go to live with distant relatives that are u.s. Citizens or if they don’t have any relatives then they enter the system.

There is no one to welcome them home. There’s no one to talk about their day. There is no one to cook them dinner. They are alone and usually surrounded by the worst of influences.

This in turn affects the Future of the united states because these children are a part of the future generation. What they can and can’t contribute to society affects everyone in this country.

To protect immigrant families is to protect american families. Our government needs to realize that we are all the same.

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Children and Homework

Children and Homework


Children and homework often do not mix very well. Do not be surprised if your child detests even the slightest school homework. Do not immediately rush to the conclusion that something is wrong with your child. Most children just do not like homework and would rather spend sometimes playing with friends or watching TV.  However, as a parent, you need to take an active interest in your child homework.

If your child has no interest in her studies, you need to find a way to help your child develop an interest in his homework. Sometimes, your child may not want to disclose to you that he has homework to do. This is just a bit of boy laziness to get out of doing the homework. It is just like the ostrich who sticks its head in the sand to avoid danger.

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However, the best way to deal with your child lack of interest in homework is to sit down together and discuss the matter. Let your child knows that he needed to make some changes so that he could get his homework done quickly. You may motivate him with a promise to allow him to enjoy his favorite hobbies like playing a game or watching TV. Sometimes, you may just need a little bit of bribery to encourage your child to do his homework.

As a parent, you have the responsibility to help your kids learn to do things for themselves. You are not to assume the position of   If they are having problems, you need to go back and meet them where they are at and help them to move forward. It’s all about preparing them for the adult world.

It is the duty of the parents to teach their children how to get themselves organized and to do their homework. Every day, your child should be able to have his assignments done without prodding. And this can only happen if you train your child the importance of doing his homework quickly.

In time, the child will start to take his homework seriously and will attach importance to every homework he receives. Granted, he might not do it perfect every week but he is learning, and the rewards are the fun stuff he gets to do each day when he has completed his assignment.

As a parent, do not expect a miracle. It takes time for children to realize the importance homework and other school training he received, but the reward later will make him be appreciative of your effort.

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Keeping a Growing Family Together


How to Keep a Growing Family Together – United

Families are the basic unit of any society and should be kept intact. The family is an institution where couples and children can support each other. Sadly, many families today lack unity, and members cannot see eye to eye. In most cases, the disunity is due to growth in the household. More children, siblings and others could join a family. And naturally, misunderstandings could arise. If your family is growing in number, how can you keep it united? Well, everyone in the family has a role to play. A few suggestions in this piece will be useful to keep a family united.

Show love

The major role all parents have is to provide unconditional love to their children. Couples should also show love to each other at all times. Just as parents need to be unequivocal in expressing love for their children, they too must always express their love for each other in words and deeds. This means that regardless of the mistakes made by their kids, parents should always assure their children of their love and give them time and attention as much as possible. Parental affection builds children’s strength and confidence as they grow. Similarly, showing affections for each other will make a couple’s relationship healthy.

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Communicate effectively

Communication is very important if a family is to be kept united.  It is much easier to find people who will talk, but not all people know how to listen. It is necessary that parents learn how to communicate effective with their children, and this includes listening to them. Children too should learn how to listen and communicate their feelings with their parents. Husband and wife should maintain constant communication with each other and never distant themselves emotionally. When there is a healthy communication in the family, the unity will be strong.

Set standard

Parents need to set the standards expected of their children when they are young. They should provide the positive environment that will allow their children to nurture and grow responsibly. Whatever the parents say, they must mean it. Moreover, the best way of parenting is by consistently setting an example. They cannot be telling children to stay off drugs while they are smoking a joint. Therefore, leading by example will help keep a family united and strong. Uniting the family should be the most important task that parents should undertake.

The above are few suggestions that can help a family to be united. If you make it your goal to apply them, you would have succeeded in building a united family.

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5 Exciting Family Oriented Activities To Do During The Winter Season

For many families, the winter season symbolizes decorations, celebrations and an abundance of food. But, once the gifts have been given to the kids and the New Year comes in, what can a family do to capitalize on the winter season as far as family oriented fun goes? Well, in this post we’re going to take a look at some activities you should consider this winter season.

1) Ice Skating No matter which city you live in, if it gets pounded by snow periodically throughout the winter, there’s definitely going to be a ice skating ring or two, within close proximity of where you reside. Full-sized indoor skating rings, generally keep their doors open for the public to skate almost daily, during the winter.

2) Bowling Maybe the whole concept of going in the snow may not be for you, yet because of your children, you would love to get out the house nonetheless. You are not alone! Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do outside of the home without having to bear the cold. One family oriented activity that’s fun all year round is bowling. It’s extremely affordable and there are various family bargains that you can get, if you look for them.

3) Watch A Holiday Movie Regardless if it’s December or January, there’s a high chance that there will be several holiday themed movies within the theaters that you can watch with your children. Since you will be carrying your children with you, you can even capitalize on the inexpensive matinee pricing that virtually every single movie theater has.

4) Partake In A Simple Outdoor Activity What better way to enjoy the winter as a family, than to spend some time outdoors? As opposed to huddling in your warm house, consider the possibility of bundling up and enjoying the snow with your children. You can go sledding, plan a family snow fight or even build a snowman. In addition to that you can set up a family nature walk as well. However, be sure that the kids are dressed in their habits d’hiver Gusti , so they may stay warm. This will give your children the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the winter season. The best part about participating in an outdoor activity, is that you can make the day even better, by ending it with some hot chocolate and winter treats.

5) Ice Fishing Depending on the geographical area of where you live, you may have access to a ice fishing location. If you or your children don’t know how to ice fish, you need not worry. Many governmental agencies provide various programs as to which you and your children can learn about ice fishing and fishing in general. Not only can this prove to be a fun activity. Your child will love the whole concept of eating something that they caught themselves.…

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Some Effective Tips for Happy Family Life


If your homer one of the most peaceful place where you can relax? A loving and caring environment is vital for a happy family life. Despite of the fact that how much you love your kids and life partner, the feeling of disagreement, frustration, and argument can make the atmosphere of the house very negative. One negative word initiated one side leads to another and then the chain goes not! Let’s take a look on some of the tips for happy family life:

What can be done for eliminating negativity?19-Think-positive-copy

Ninety percent of the issues in family arise because of miscommunication between the family members. People can follow the below mentioned communication strategies for brining love in your family.

Be Honestfamily-time-playing-games_gvpqzq

One should be very honest with their family members. One has to be very careful while saying anything related to things that can cause stress. Tone of voice has to be very kind while communicating with your near and dear ones.

Have Fun

It is believed that we live in a world with is very busy still people should try to take out some time for enjoy little fun. It is very important that family should live together and enjoy every moment of life whether big or small.

Setting PrioritiesAbogado de divorcio Tampa

All the members should sit together and set their priorities. Different people have different set of priorities but it is important that they should clear out things and set their priorities.


One should not breach the privacy level of other family member. When elders follow this thing child also learns to respect elder’s privacy and do not breach the same.

Family Meetings


One very useful thing that actually helps in making a family happy. Conducting regular family meetings for openly discussing the issues helps in bringing the things in light. Discussing things helps in collectively sorting the issues. In such meetings every family members can speak their heart out because after all it’s the family where one can express their feelings, concerns, fear and so on.

Have some free time

Try to get some free time from your busy schedule and enjoy things that you love. It’s not always mandatory that one should always do things that other love but you should also do things that you love. Along with giving love and respect to your family members, one should also give love and respect to themselves. However, this should be done in a polite way.

Weekend Family Night

This is one of the very joyful tips for happy family life; one should always ensure that you take your family out on every week. On mutual call take your family for movies, outdoor games, dinner or for any activity which every family member enjoy.

Negotiation is the key

Learning the art of compromising for making other people happy. Such compromises ultimately end up with win and win situation.

Following the above mentioned tips religiously actually helps in making happy and joyful. The things are simple but give flawless results.

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Family Struggles And Struggles For A Family

Help_Your_Family_Understand_DementiaRealizing The Line

Family struggles are getting more and more complicated every day. There are people who spend hours locked up in their rooms because they want to shield themselves from the fights their parents are having. There are people who keep themselves busy outside, so that they don’t have to face the relationships falling apart back at home.

Saving Families

michelle-hooper-and-daughtersIt is very difficult to expect to have a normal healthy life coming from a broken family. Be it the courteous sympathy you receive when people come to know about your complicated family history, or the jeering you get from immature, stupid people, it all makes it impossible to expect a normal life.

However, our individual mental health is the most important, and we must protect it by staying away from toxic relationships. Sometimes, families are saved by letting go of the toxic members. It might be tough, and we are often clueless as to what to do. We only need to know one thing. That is, no matter what, we must not compromise on our ideals, just to make a toxic family stick together.

Mending Ties

imagesA lot of times, families don’t get along not due to lack of mutual affection, but just due to the lack of communication. People tend to bury their complaints within as long as they can, and then burst in ways that hurt other things in its way. What we need to do is communicate our problems with each other. If needed, we can ask a friend to help, or seek professional counseling. We must do whatever we can to save what we have with our partners, with our parents, and with our children.

The other sidemanno107

Why families often break or stay in a silent state of damage is because we do not complain enough, we do not talk. We think that the other person is oblivious of where we stand. But what we do not realize is that it could be the same on the other side.

It is sad that we often mistake a good family to be one of those toxic families we must get out of. Many psychologists claim that the root of all family issues is that people feel unloved because they do not read the language of the other person’s love. Therefore, communication is required to convey to each other that we are important to each other.

When it is not familyyou-are-not-a-part-of-my-family

Any relationship where there is no mutual love, understanding, and most importantly, respect, is not a family, even if it is bound by blood ties or marriage. Those who are being emotionally abused by their ‘family’, must stand up for themselves, and realize that all the above mentioned advice is not for a toxic family. Family is where you feel at home, and you will find it, if you are brave enough to make room for it.

It is indeed difficult to figure out whether you should try mending a bond, or whether it is not worth it. If you misjudge, forgive yourself, and make amends. Keep moving in the direction of the light, even if it keeps changing from time to time. One day, you will reach it.

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All That Is Family And All That is Loved In Life

familyFamily technically still only means the nearest of blood ties, but we all have our own families that include people we love, irrespective of the blood ties. There are broken families too, which have no love despite all the blood relations. After all, anything to do with the complicated emotions of the human psyche cannot be simply defined.

What is Family?

Family-Facebook-Status-25302-statusmind.comFamily, as ideally put, is not limited to the realms of the closest of blood related connections. Family is not limited to parents and children. Family can be the friend who is there to understand you when your parents fail to. Family can be that friend who is there to share your worries which you must hide from your little children.

Family Ties Inside Family

family-dayPeople often complain that they don’t feel like their family is their family, or that they feel left out from their families. The issue could be of an imbalance in family ties. To make our loved ones feel like family, we need to know where to bond, and where to let go.

A child would not feel like family if all that the parents are doing is providing the basic necessities for a livelihood, like food, and schooling, and controlling every aspect of their life in turn. Family ties need to be established by who the person is, by going beyond your pre-defined379506-happy-family relationship with the person. As parents, you need to get to know your children, what they like, what bothers them, what they are thinking of when they are daydreaming, what their dreams are, what random thoughts they get. And not just how much they scored in yesterday’s math paper and what they ate outside.

As children too, you need to reach out to your parents. You need to go initiate a conversation with them every once in a while, conversation which is beyond the realms of dinner, and pocket money. You can try to get close to your parents, to make new ties, or mend broken ties, by taking the initiative to talk to the people they are.Blood'sThickerDesktop

Blood Being Thicker than Water

The old saying has been shortened to mean something like ‘blood ties are most important’. However, by now we know where they saying comes from. The full saying goes:

            “Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

It means that the people we connect with while facing the same hardships, in this case, bloodshed at battle, bonds up stronger than parental or pre-defined family connections. Hence, there is no shame in loving your friends as much as your parents, or sometimes, even a little more. After all, these friends are the family you chose as the person you are.


All you need to remember is, everybody you love, is important, and so are you. Reach out to them, talk to your parents, to your children, and grandparents, and hang out with your friends. Spend quality time with all those people who nobody else can ever replace. You want to work on the balance everyday, it is a well known fact that unbalanced families end up getting divorced. You do not want to find yourself searching in Google “How to get a cheap divorce in Tampa“.

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